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Naming Standards and Conventions

The following sections are related to the standards and conventions to be used within IRP to identify the various components making up the complete offering. Any enhancements and additions submitted for inclusion into the IRP products must first and foremost adhere to all these standards and conventions before being considered for inclusion.

The intention with these standards is to maintain a common "look and feel" within all code created for IRP, allowing for better flexibility and quality across the entire set of products.

Most, if not all names, in IRP will begin with a 3 character mnemonic, know as the name prefix, and is used as an identifier of a specific set of components. The actual prefix and it's meaning will depend on the name set in which it is being used.

The mnemonic "IRP" will be used as the prefix for all components relating to the global intERPrise product.

Getting started

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