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Adsero Optima Main Menu



This is the main entry point for the Adsero Optima product.
To get here from a command line on your IBM i type the CL command "GO AO" and press Enter.


AO License Management

This option allows management of the License Keys for the Adsero Optima Licensed Program.

Operations Control Parameters

This option allows management of the Operational Parameters that control how Adsero Optima functions.

AO Foundation

This option invokes Adsero Optima Foundation and it's database management functions.

Function Keys

  • F3 = Exit - Saves any changes, ends the current task and returns to the previous menu or display.
  • F4 = Prompt - Provides assistance in entering or selecting a command or object.
  • F9 = Retrieve - Displays the last command entered on the command line and any parameters included. Pressing this key once shows the last command executed. Pressing this key again shows the previous command executed and so on.
  • F12 = Cancel - Cancels any changes made and returns to the previous menu or display.
NOTE: - F12 is active for all screens, even when not displayed.