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Adsero Optima License Management Menu



This menu allows administration of the AO Licensed Program (0ADSERO) and it's license keys through the operating system license management commands.

NOTE: All operating system commands support F1 for additional help.


Work with License Information (WRKLICINF)

The Work with License Information system command displays the AO products or features found on the system that contain license information. The displayed list allows you to change, display, or print the license information, to reset the peak usage information, or to work with the license users of a product or feature.

Restore Licensed Program (RSTLICPGM)

The Restore Licensed Program system command loads or restores a licensed program for initial installation, for new-release installation, or for recovery.

Remove License Key Information (RMVLICKEY)

The Remove License Key Information (RMVLICKEY) command removes software license key information from the license repository for products with keyed compliance. Products with "keyed compliance" require that you have a software license key from the software provider in order to change the usage limit or the expiration date of the license information.

Function Keys

  • F3 = Exit - Saves any changes, ends the current task and returns to the previous menu or display.
  • F4 = Prompt - Provides assistance in entering or selecting a command or object.
  • F9 = Retrieve - Displays the last command entered on the command line and any parameters included. Pressing this key once shows the last command executed. Pressing this key again shows the previous command executed and so on.
  • F12 = Cancel - Cancels any changes made and returns to the previous menu or display.
NOTE: - F12 is active for all screens, even when not displayed.